Laboratory of Agroforestry Innovations - Bozen - Italy

An interesting project in a non-sports field! Responding to a tender launched by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Sport System technicians, together with technicians from the Slovenian partner DPE, our staff studied the complex needs expressed in the tender documents and diagrams provided in order to develop a solution suitable to the customer. The solution proposed after a short period of study was favorably received, both for the technical and economic aspects, by the client. Thus, at the Agroforestry Innovation Laboratory of the Free University of Bozen (Bolzano), the installation of an articulated system of dividing curtains in double PVC branded “Sport System by DPE” (2 motorized unit with a length of over 30 meters + 2 manually sliding alternatives) was completed permitting to create a “wind channel” where study and scientific research activities in the agroforestry sector will be conducted !