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Gym divider curtains are designed to divide playground or field in one or more different sections, enabling simultaneous use of sporting venues for different activities. According to specific customer’s needs and sport venue’s requirements, dividing curtains can be single PVC sheets, double PVC sheets, combined solutions with PVC for 250 cm from the ground and upper part made of mesh as well as panels entirely made of mesh. Curtain handling can be performed by ceiling by rolling with electric motor on structure to be customized or manual lateral sliding. Sport System’s gym separator panels are made of synthetic fireproof fabrics in line with modern reference standards. Sport System offers diversified catalog of gym divider curtains and separator panels for gyms featuring high quality materials and solutions to divide sport venue in a discreet and functional way. Sport System applies best practices in the field and modern standards in sporting venue equipment to organize gym space in a functional and unrivalled way. Essential range of dividing curtains and panels from Sport System offers an optimal blend of quality, functionality and affordability. Separator panel provides one more solution for gym zoning using colored PVC sheet mounted on a painted and galvanized steel support structure with a telescopic height adjustment system. Separating panels are mobile using wheels and brake system featuring length of 300 cm and a maximum height of 220 cm. Essential range of separator panels and gym divider curtains from Sport System proves that quality matters in every detail of sport venue. Contact Sport System to get detailed information about products for gym zoning in gyms using information request form – the customer service will get in touch as soon as possible.


Playcourts dividing curtain made of synthetic fireproof fabric, rollable to the ceiling by electric motor on structure to be customized

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Playcourts combined dividing curtain made of synthetic fireproof fabric for 250 cm on bottom part and 10x10 cm net on upper side, rollable to the ceiling by electric motor on structure to be customized

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Colored PVC dividing panel with varnished and galvanized steel structure telescopically adjustable in height, mobile on wheels (with brake), length 300 cm with maximum height 220 cm

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