Monotubular streetball backstop with socket. Galvanized steel structure with section 150x150x3 mm and total projection 225 cm, made of unique fully welded element. With ground socket to be buried and lid. Equipped with hpl basketball backboard with dimensions 180×105 cm and thickness 10 mm mounted onto galvanized steel frame with stabilizing bar connected to the main projection arm, fixed varnished steel ring and nylon net.


Streetball unit with mechanical height adjusting device, varnished steel foldable structure with platform supporting ballast, mobile on wheels, hpl backboard, fixed ring with net, front protective pad


Easyplay College galvanized steel portable streetball backstop mobile on wheels, projection 125 cm, mechanical height adjustment, hpl backboard on steel frame, ring and net


Hydroplay Club portable unit customized 3ON3, entirely made in galvanized steel with rear anti-vandalism shell; shot clock integrated in the main front pad, including control panel and polycarbonate cover; set of rain covers and platform supporting extra ballast included


Hydroplay Ace portable unit customized 3ON3 entirely realized in galvanized steel with curved main arm having total projection 225 cm; rear shell protecting the oleodynamic movement unit; shot clock integrated in the main front pad under a polycarbonate shell, complete of control panel; platform supporting extra ballast


Portable modular floor for outdoor basket 3ON3, made of 25×25 cm polypropylene tiles UV resistant, easy to install and remove, useful for other different sports as well. Price at square mt