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Company profile

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Founded in February 1979, the Italian manufacturing company Sport System is actually a worldwide well-known sports equipment manufacturer. The company designs, manufactures, installs and trade, in Italy and Internationally, a wide range of articles for gymnastics, athletics, individual sports and team sports. However, the range also includes a complete line of furnishing and accessories for changing rooms, infirmaries, meeting rooms or press-rooms, allowing customers to completely equip any sport venue.

The company is based in San Fior (TV), on the northeast part of Italy, and is well connected, by motorway, with the airport and the port of Venice, with the port of Trieste and with the boundaries of Slovenia and Austria. Thanks to its position, Sport System can easily ship the whole range of products, including fitness equipment manufactured, by trucks, sea or by air, maintaining a very competitive cost, in Europe and worldwide.

Sport System is an Italian sport manufacturer specialized in basketball, with almost 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing top quality professional basketball backstops, approved by FIBA for International competitions. Since 2001, Sport System is partner of the “FIBA Equipment and Venue Centre”(former “FIBA Research and Study Centre”), as well as the official equipment supplier of some of most prestigious basketball clubs and basketball arenas worldwide.

The leadership position reached in the world market of sports equipment, and the consolidation of its own trademark among the leading international suppliers of basketball equipment, they represent an important acknowledgement for Sport System, as well as the recognition of the efforts and the continuous commitment to improve the products and services offered. Recently, the Sport System’s portable basketball backstops – model Easyplay Official – was used during the last FIBA European Championship held in Slovenia while model Hydroplay Ace has been already used in several FIBA events.

As a sports equipment manufacturer and supplier, the brand Sport System has been increasing its popularity even in the professional world of football (soccer), after the development and launch in 2005 of the new line of professional equipment for football stadiums. A project called “21st Century Stadium” has been developed and already introduced in some of the most famous and worldwide known “temples” of football. This new project aims not only to bring top quality and innovative design products inside new or renovating stadiums, but to provide first of all safety for players, trainers, referees and spectators. The main equipment involved in the project are the team shelters for players, trainers and referees; the telescopic tunnel protecting players entering on the field and exiting to the changing room; the new VIP individual cabin for changing rooms; the plastic seats for supporters’ sectors as well as the Vip armchairs for the authorities’ areas. Recently the Sport System’s VIP team shelters have been installed in the “Grande Stade” of Marrakech, in the “Adrar Stade” of Agadir, Morocco, where the last FIFA Clubs World Cup was played in 2013, and in the National and AlKhalifa stadiums of Bahrain, which hosted the last FIFA Gulf Cup of Nations in 2013. Sport System’s VIP team shelters have been visible as well in 2 stadiums of the last FIFA World Cup played in 2018 in Russia.

Sport System is more and more involved also in the volleyball market, being manufacturer of a whole range of volleyball equipment, from school level up to professional level. As sponsor of the Imoco Conegliano volleyball team – which plays in the women Italian first league (first place in 2015-2016) and in the major European events – the brand Sport System is already a well-known equipment supplier in the International world of volleyball, played at the highest professional level.

Sport Systemis also a manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment, which can be used on multipurpose platforms, usually dedicated to basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis. All those outdoor sports equipment are manufactured in a way to resist to any kind of weather conditions.

The quality of the materials used, the design of the equipment produced, the respect of the technical requirements of every single sport and the service provided before and after sales: all these characteristics have all been helping Sport System to accomplish both requests of institutional customers, as well as the needs of the more demanding professional sportsmen.

With the main focus on customers’ satisfaction, Sport System has been the first Italian company, between the different sport equipment manufacturers, to implement a well-constructed quality system, certified accordingly to ISO 9000, which has been constantly kept updated accordingly to any standard’s release; at present, the company’s quality system is certified under ISO 9001/2015 standards.

Recently, Sport System has obtained, by the TÜV Italia institute, the attestation of conformity to the corresponding EN standards for the major part of its equipment for basketball, volleyball, soccer and futsal, handball and tennis (EN1270, EN1271, EN748, EN749, EN1510) as well as for the locker room benches tested accordingly to the EN16139 standard. Currently, the company is distributing its sports equipment in more than 50 different countries worldwide – from New Caledonia to Canada, from Norway to South Africa – through a well-developed and functional network of distributors and dealers, trained to provide full service and assistance to any customers, and offer a solution to any request.