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An interesting project in a non-sports field! Responding to a tender launched by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Sport System technicians, together with technicians from the Slovenian partner DPE, our staff studied the complex needs expressed in the tender documents and diagrams provided in order to develop a solution suitable to the customer. The solution proposed after a short period of study was favorably received, both for the technical and economic aspects, by the client. Thus, at the Agroforestry Innovation Laboratory of the Free University of Bozen (Bolzano), the installation of an articulated system of dividing curtains in double PVC branded “Sport System by DPE” (2 motorized unit with a length of over 30 meters + 2 manually sliding alternatives) was completed permitting to create a “wind channel” where study and scientific research activities in the agroforestry sector will be conducted !


At the futuristic Recreation and Sports Center of the Bocconi University in Milan, Sport System has supplied and installed a complete package of equipment and furnishings including a combined dividing curtain (code S07604) with size of 30×8 m; a pair of Hydroplay Ace portable basketball backstops (code S04100); a pair of ceiling suspended basketball backstops (code S04070); set of equipment for volleyball and five-a-side football; a complete set of electronic scoreboards and an anti-trauma protection applied to the parapet of the suspended running track. All personalised in the choice of colours and by screen printing logos as per specific instructions from the customer. From the moment of the first request of information received via e-mail to the completion of the installation in less than 8 months! Once the customer’s needs have been completely understood and based on the analysis of the drawings provided, a series of proposals have been quickly developed by Sport System’s technical department, thanks to the experience and knowledge developed in this area, supported by graphic drawings and technical sheets. From the comparison with the customer, the final list of materials subject to the order was therefore created. The installation in a workmanlike manner were conducted and completed by specialised technicians who, among other things, had to manage the transfer of all the material to the second floor of the building used as a Recreation and Sports Centre. A very exciting challenge for the whole Sport System’s staff from the commercial to the technical department!


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