Hydroplay Official portable basketball backstops Fiba approved for international competitions. Varnished steel structure, oleodynamic unit with electric pump allowing movent from rest to play position and viceversa. Telescopic cylinder with piston rod, diameter 40 mm, with flow regulation included and continuous valve which blocks the movement at the desired height. Easy to roll away on the floor by means of total 4 non-marking wheels, 2 fixed on the front and 2 turnables on the back of base, automatically raising and lowering following structure’s movement. Fully padded structure for maximum safety. Padded counterweight included. Projection cm 325. Space needed for positioning cm 420. Supplied with backboards made of 12 mm tempered safety glass, with high resistance pads (can be equipped, on demand, with red-light device to be linked to any 24” clock) and approved reclining rings as well as accessories for fixing the base to the floor.

Article description

  • Basketball unit S04108 can be electrically (by means of oleo dynamic electric pump) adjusted at 305 and 260 cm height both for basket and minibasket standards;
  • Basketball unit S04108 has structure made of 4 main different frames: base + front vertical column + rear triangle + projection arm. All of them linked to the others and moving on ball bearings;
  • The base frame of basketball unit S04108 contains 4 wheels with diameter mm 200×50 with alloy core and rubber ring non-marking in order to not damage the floor. The 2 front wheels are fixed
    type while the 2 rear are pivoting. Wheels are raising and lowering automatically following movement to play and rest position (once unit is in play position wheels does not touch the floor for max stability … once unit move to rest position wheels are lowering to the ground);
  • The base frame of basketball unit S04108 contain on the back side a concrete counterweight block of 460 kgs firmly fixed, padded and covered by PVC;
  • Basketball unit S04108 is equipped with 12 mm safety tempered glass backboard, standard size mm 1800x1050x12 with standard official marking in white colour (painted) as per official rules. Glass is made in accordance to EN 12150 standards. On back side of tempered glass a special transparent adhesive film is applied for extra safety. Glass backboard is fixed between a front and rear steel frame. Bottom side is protected by strong PU protective pad fixed by screws. Size of pad is in accordance to FIBA’s rules;
  • Basketball unit S04108 is equipped with standard ring, 45 cm diameter, full tube and equipped with reclining (dunk) system working at force of 105 kg. Ring is fixed directly to backboard’s structure without touching the glass (that has a special cut-out);
  • Total weight of unit is around 1.050 kgs;
  • Unit is supplied with ground fixing accessories;
  • Unit is equipped with soft pad (main front ones with 15 cm thickness – all the others with minimum 5 cm thickness) covered by special washable PVC fabric.

Caratteristiche tecniche

– Easily adjustable from REST to different PLAY positions by means of electric oleodynamic unit

– Automatic wheels’ movement (up and down) connected to movement of unit from REST to PLAY position and viceversa

– Safety tempered glass backboard with adhesive transparent film applied on back side offering extra safety for players

– Minimum vibrations during playing actions thanks to the reinforced construction of projection arm

– Full set of soft protective pads applied on the entire base of unit offering maximum safety for players