Tenda divisoria “acustica” per campi da gioco realizzata in materiale sintetico ignifugo a doppio telo, scorrimento verticale con funzionamento elettrico


  • Certificate of compliance
  • CE certificate
  • TÜV certificate
  • EN Standards (Eurocode)

Descrizione articolo

Do you need an acoustic dividing curtain to divide your area? Double layer dividing curtain is the right choice for you! This system offers acoustic absorption with double layer PVC curtain. A great solution for having beside simple separation also acoustic absorption.

  • Double layer curtain offers high quality PVC for sound absorption.
  • Offers partly and partly netting so the light can go through.
  • The basic system includes all the needed material and segments with carrier structure (aluminium truss) included.
  • The usage of the whole system is very easy and available in various options.
  • Complete system is provided with tested and certified materials.
  • We offer 2-year warranty on motor and safety brake, furthermore 5-year on whole structure.

Dividing curtain is made from:

    The aluminium truss 40 x 40cm is produced exclusively in the twist resistant version and with a thicker aluminium profile compared to the other structures. This aluminium truss is specially designed for dividing curtains. It allows to cover areas of small and large dimensions giving the chance to apply loads and keeping a perfect behaviour of the structure. In the aluminium truss the driving shaft with drive mechanism (engine, axle, bearings, supports, safety brakes) is incorporated with fixation elements.
    Special engines are used to operate the dividing curtain. The engine is driven directly from drive reducer shaft. Prevention of curtain falling back requires a safety brake. The engine consists of: worm gear, interchangeable output-shaft, emergency manual operator, integrated limit switches and electrical motor.
    Function of safety brake:
    Locking catch and locking wheel (triggering mechanism) trigger the braking action if the maximum operation speed is exceeded. The special tooth geometry of the ratchet wheel reduces reaction time and thus the braking distance. The structure is only subject to extremely low braking moments.
    All the parts of the driving shaft with winding system are incorporated within the carrier structure.
  • PVC
    Our special PVC combines the latest weave technology with the usual high coating quality to make a material with a “unique” surface and outstanding technical properties. Material properties: Flame retardant, Optimum rolling characteristics, High wind stability, Bend resistant.

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • All system components (engine, driving axle, safety brakes, pulleys…) are incorporated into ALU truss construction.
  • No need of additional roof brackets, subconstructions etc. to be prepared. ALU Truss can be fixed at any place to roof construction, roof brackets.
  • Complete system is preassembled at our warehouse.
  • Short time of final assembling of local installation team. On your request we can also provide you our installation team.
  • Possibility of packing the complete system in wooden box for air transportation, truck transportation, container transportation etc.
  • Materials can be selected accordingly to the clients wishes (colour, gr/m2, etc.).
  • A complete 3-D visualization of the project can be made.
  • More than 30 years of experience of installations all around the world.