S04110 Easyplay Official portable basketball backstop represents the new professional alternative to traditional oleodynamic and springs assisted solutions. No electricity, no springs, no oil… no more maintenance!
Easyplay Official, the first and the unique patented dinamically counterbalanced basketball backstop, FIBA approved for first level (International) competitions. Projection 325 cm. ready to shock you with all the new solutions applied (height adjustment system, wheels’ moving system, device to keep the backboard perpendicular at all heights…) as well as by its fascinating design. Equipped with red-light device integrated on backboard, easy to adapt to any 24” shot clock! Pads could be customized on demand with lot of different colors!

Easyplay Training the patented dinamically counterbalanced technology applied to a shorter projection unit!
S04113 Fruit of the experience developed manufacturing the bigger Easyplay Official (Fiba approved for International competitions) the Easyplay Training represents the best solution for professional training once space on the ground is not enough for a main portable unit. Arm’s projection can be of cm 225 or cm 260. Compact dimensions but strong, stable and extremely manageable! Fiba approved for 3rd level competitions!

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